Cypress Springs FFA
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What you'll need to be successful



PPT from Show Info Meeting on Jan 8 Amy Cain 1/9/2020 600 KB
2019-2020 Cypress Springs FFA Handbook Amy Cain 8/23/2019 1734 KB
District Greenhand Camp Flyer Amy Cain 8/28/2019 207 KB
Parent Permission Form Tyler Meischen 8/15/2018 331 KB
How to Set Up Schoolcash and Pay Online Amy Cain 8/23/2019 208 KB
FRESH COUNTRY (A How To Guide) Tyler Meischen 10/15/2018 13 KB
How and what to order for FFA Official Dress Tyler Meischen 8/8/2018 16 KB
Official Dress Guide Amy Cain 8/23/2019 296 KB
Livestock Show Supplies Needs Tyler Meischen 8/8/2018 1676 KB
Cost for a pig PPT. Tyler Meischen 9/6/2018 773 KB
Cost for lamb and goat PPT Tyler Meischen 9/6/2018 345 KB
updated breeding/mkt rabbit info Amy Cain 9/4/2019 9997 KB



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